Internet Banking

CBIQ aspires to provide the best services by keeping up with safe and modern technological trends that allow banking clients to take advantage of e-banking services by connecting to the internet through a computer or a smartphone, from anywhere in the world. A client can complete a financial transaction without the need to visit a bank’s branch. A client can transfer funds between multiple accounts of a client, obtain a bank statement, check account balances, transfer money to another client’s account within the same bank, as well as the ability to submit applications to acquire a chequebook and opening a bank account. All of the previous services are available by ease and clarity and has the highest level of safety.



Interbranch Deposit and withdrawal services

Through this service, the client can avail themselves of the banking services offered by CBIQ by going to any branch of CBIQ. The client is not obliged to go to the original branch in which they opened their bank account.


SMS Service

This service allows the client to receive an SMS on their mobile for each withdrawal or deposit transaction made on the client’s bank account/s with the possibility of knowing the balance after each transaction.


ATM Services

An ATM is a practical and safe tool giving access to cash without the need to carry large amounts of money that could make one vulnerable to theft. This has encouraged banks to deploy ATMs in all public places so that it becomes easy to obtain cash from any ATM.  A client can use ATMs internationally and domestically even if they are not a correspondent bank of their bank account.

Additionally, ATMs offer other services such as access to credit, a mini-statement showing the history of the last 10 transactions or changing the PIN number of the e-card. Furthermore, ATMs are a means of advertising and raising awareness of the bank's products and services.


B2B Services

B2B integration platform is a custom built application to meet the diverse banking business requirements of corporate customers through seamless integration with the corporate ERP system or financial accounting systems. The B2B Platform acts as a single online interface for the corporate customers to perform secure financial transactions, improving the operational effectiveness and reducing the overall dependencies. B2B provides customer with seamless and secured facilities to effect fund transfers including supplier & third party payments and salary transfers through electronic connectivity between the customer and the bank. Further, it facilitates processing of collection proceeds on behalf of the customers and supports account reconciliation requirement by providing account statements in various formats. The platform which is modeled as a secure Host-To-Host service is the right choice for any corporate customer in the new digital era.


International Bank Account Number (IBAN)

International Bank Account Number helps improve the level of financial, banking and clearing services, and settlement of payments both domestically and internationally. The use of a bank account number compliant with the International Bank Account Standards will assist in reducing delays when completing the transfer of money.  


IBAN (23 Digits)
Country code Check Digits Bank Identification
Bank Identifier code Account Number
Two letters Two digits Swift Code (4 Digits) Branch code constitutes of 3 digits Account number constitutes of 12 digits


Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)

CBIQ is one of only the Iraqi banks that is compliant with the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act and IRS Revenue procedure - Reporting model 2 FFI. CBIQ is registered as part of its commitment to tax compliance for foreign accounts (FATCA) and earned a global ID number mediator (GIIN):