Online banking:

Commercial bank of Iraq always strives to provide the best by keeping abreast of the latest technological developments that enable its customers to benefit from these electronic banking services by simply connecting via the Internet using a personal computer or smartphone from anywhere in the world. The customer can conduct his own banking operations without having to review Bank branches, where the customer can transfer funds between accounts, get the statement of account, knowledge of the balance, transfer from the client account to another client account within the same bank, in addition to the possibility of applications such as the request of the chequebook in a very easy manner and supported by the highest levels of security

To get this service requires: -

  • Complete the online banking application form.

Deposit and withdrawal service from any branch:

through this service, the customer can get the benefit from the banking services by going to any near branch, not necessarily the same branch (in which account has been opened).

This service requires: -

  • When depositing exceeding the amount of 10 thousands dollars or 15 million Iraqi Dinars, the customer must provide supporting documents and fill in KYC form.
  • As for the withdrawal by a beneficiary then personal IDs cards must be presented.

Electronic Clearing Service (ACH):

It is the service that enables the customer to collect the amounts of the Checks deposited in his account in a short period.

This service requires: -

  • Having an account for the customer.
  • Providing a customer identification card.
  • Provides legal and technical requirements in the deposited check.
  • Fill out the Financial Resources Disclosure Form if it exceeds the amount of the check (10,000) in US dollars, or (15,000,000) Iraqi dinars.
  • Providing enhanced holdings of funds sources if the amount of the check exceeds (10,000) in US dollars, or (15,000,000) Iraqi dinars.

 ATM service:

Banks have excreted efforts to find simple and secure ways to obtain cash in order to prevent the customers from theft. This is illustrated by the use of electronic cards and ATMs that have contributed significantly to the service of bank customers, ATMs in public places so that it is easy to get cash from any ATM even if it is not affiliated with the client's bank, and from any country even if the state is not opening the customer's account. ATMs are now equipped to provide other banking services as well as access to cash, such as access to credit .The possibility of obtaining a statement of the last 10 banking operations, the possibility of changing the secret code of the card in addition to the possibility of using it as a mean of advertising the products and services of the bank.

IBAN International Bank Account Number:

The International Bank Account Number contributes to improve the level of financial and banking services and to settle payments locally and internationally, thus this will contribute to the completion of money transference more quickly as a result of the use of a valid bank account number confirmed by international bank account standards.

IBAN (23 Digits)
Country code Checking code Definition of the bank
Bank Identifier code Account Number
Two digit Two digit SWIFT Code of four numbers The three digit branch code The 12 digit account number

Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA):

The Commercial Bank of Iraq is one of the Iraqi banks that keens to comply to FATCA

Where the model follows (Reporting Model 2 FFI) And has a global identification code (GIIN). (XNHD3J.00004.ME.368)