Do not share your Master Card photo and data

To prevent hacking and fraud attempts which may result from misusing your electronic payment cards, CBIQ’s customers are kindly obligated not to share and give a picture of your Master Card or allow any other party to take a picture or copy it when any transaction is performed, as it is not considered an official document or an identification as it is issued for the purpose of withdrawing cash from your account or purchasing or booking online from trusted websites or paying via POS or withdrawing cash through POC and do not share its data with any person, specific entity or unreliable website. 

Stay well and safe.

Relocate Al-Shorja branch


Relocate Al-Shorja branch ((Iraq Gate Branch))

Dear customers and audience of the Commercial Bank of Iraq, we inform you that the final approval was obtained by the Central Bank of Iraq to relocate Al-Shorja branch to its new location in the Iraq Gate residential complex located in Al-Mansour area in front of  Al-Zawra Park, and also obtained approval to change the name of the branch to (Iraq Gate Branch) And the branch will start its daily work and provide all banking services to customers and the public (companies and individuals) in the  new location, on  Sunday, 15/5/2022. Therefore, it should be noted.

The Commercial Bank of Iraq

Customer Awareness Department


Inactive Bank Accounts


Inactive bank accounts

Dear CBIQ’s customers,

you are kindly requested to use your current accounts (individuals and corporates)

On regular basis to avoid being frozen based on the latest instructions issued by the Central Bank of Iraq titled “Banks Inactive Accounts “letter no. 479/2/9 dated no. 19/12/2021 which stated that (current accounts will be frozen in the case of being not used / inactive for nearly 1 year starting from the last financial transaction made). Hence, and in order to reactivate your frozen accounts please follow the steps below: –

1- The owner of the account or his/her legal representative to attend the bank and submit all personal documentations.

2- To sign and submit a request of re – activate (unfreeze) the current account.


Your cooperation is highly appreciated.

Thank you

The Commercial Bank of Iraq


Commercial Bank of iraq is pleased to announce to its valued customers that  al_kadhumain branch has moved to the Commercial Bank of Iraq building in Al_Mansour District first floor ,opposite to Beeston Samad restaurant,

Because of the rehabilitation an of the branch building starting from 2019\12\8 .
The official working hours will be from 12.00 p.m until 7.00 p.m , except for Thursday, it will be from 12.00 p.m until 6.00 p.m starting from   2020\2\23.


With regards 
Banking Awareness and Public Protection Section

Opening of Najaf Branch

Commercial bank of Iraq is pleasure to announce the opening of our new branch in the wholy city of Najaf , Al Ameer Street, Rawan Intersection. In this branch, we are honored to receive our customers from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM to offer a wide range of services such as banking facilities, opening accounts, issuing of electronic payment cards (MasterCard) and other banking services.


CBIQ Times Square branch announce to his customers that starting from 25/8/2019 the branch will change the opening and closing times , the branch opens his door to customers at 12.00pm and close at 7.00pm except  Thursday the close time will be at 6.00pm.